The 2019 wave of the PULSE survey launched on April 3rd.  The most recent previous wave of this survey was conducted in the spring of 2017.

Welcome to the landing page for PULSE 19! We’re so glad you’re here. This spring WashU is conducting a survey for all undergraduate students. It’s called PULSE, short for Perceptions of Undergraduate Life and Student Experience. We want to hear your story. What do you love about WashU and what do you want to see change? What’s working and what isn’t? Keep reading to learn what makes this survey special and how you can contribute.

What is PULSE 19?


1) All Undergraduates

Every day-school, degree-seeking undergraduate at Washington University receives this survey. It doesn’t matter what your major is, where you live, or what activities you participate in. We want to hear from you.

2) Four Sections

PULSE 19 has four overarching sections: your academics, your experience, your background, and finally, an open-ended section where you can share any thoughts about undergraduate education so far. These big themes break down into smaller groups of questions about your studies; your professors, advisors and major; your preparation; your progress; working for pay; your activities; your health and well-being; your background; your parents; and any final comments.

3) 15 Minutes

PULSE 19 is an online survey that takes about 15 minutes to complete. You can take it on your phone or on a computer, and you can always come back to your survey if you only have a few minutes here and there to answer questions.

Why should I contribute?


1) Your Voice Matters

Your experience at WashU is different than anyone else’s. The University needs to hear what only you can say about undergraduate education. Participating in PULSE is an act of advocacy, a civic duty, and a contribution to a collective effort to make WashU better.

2) This Data Drives Decisions

The data from the PULSE survey becomes a key tool for decision-making across campus. This data informs deans, committees, and programs across campus that design components of the undergraduate experience. Your answers to the PULSE questions guide the direction of growth at WashU.

3) Future WashU Students

Take a moment and think about all the students who attended WashU before you. Their participation in previous PULSE surveys has improved your education and experience. Now you have the opportunity to pay it forward by participating in PULSE 19. Contribute to the improvement of WashU for the classes that will follow you.