Ultra-Condensed Science

Project Name: Ultra-Condensed Science video series
Campus Partners: WashU scientists

Washington University scientists are doing important research in many fields, although theĀ  technical nature of their work can make it challenging to convey to a wider audience. To better highlight the ideas and discovery continually underway here, Public Affairs produced Ultra-Condensed Science, a video series combining a storytelling approach with videography and animations.

The series features researchers discussing their work along with animations illustrating the science behind it all. As we partner with different researchers, we also collaborate with various animation artists, establishing a distinct aesthetic for each video. Bringing these artists and scientists together, we create storyboards for videos that are entertaining as well as accurate.

With the goal of inspiring greater interest in the sciences, Ultra-Condensed Science has so far highlighted nine research projects. The series has its own website and is shared via social media and email. It has attracted outside media coverage as well, helping us get the word out about the groundbreaking scientific research so abundant at WashU.



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