Project Name: Sustainability Strategic Plan, Case Study, and Website
Campus Partner: Office of Sustainability

Washington University is committed to tackling complex problems such as climate change and environmental degradation, with the goal of becoming a national leader in sustainability practices. In partnership with the Office of Sustainability, we developed a website sharing the university’s efforts and informing the community on how they can get involved. Through this site, more than 2,000 visitors took WashU’s sustainability pledge during 2016–17. Also since the site’s 2016 redesign, users have increased by 65.7%, with nearly 18,000 visitors in the past year.

We also created a comprehensive 80-page booklet detailing the university’s sustainability successes and future plans to both internal and external audiences, with original photography and a WashU-branded design. Through these efforts, we have increased awareness and involvement among our campus community, making it easy to determine what steps can be taken to achieve greater sustainability on campus and in our daily lives.

Sustainability brochure spreads

Sustainability Case Study

Sustainability website

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