Policy Memo: Genetic Privacy Consumer Protections

In April 2020, two teams of ProSPER members participated in the National Science Policy Network‘s policy memo competition. This is the memo by Hannah Frye, Emilee Kotnik, and Rachel Rahn; the memo by Ananya Benegal, Kevin Blake, and Lauren Koenig can be found here. Executive summary Direct-to-consumer genetic testing companies have become increasingly popular in […]

Genetics, Genealogy, and Personal Privacy

On TV, DNA evidence is portrayed as a slam-dunk way to pin a suspect to a crime. But what if you have DNA, but no suspect? In April 2018, Joseph James DeAngelo, better known as the “Golden State Killer,” was arrested over 30 years after committing burglaries, rapes, and murders that terrorized Californians. This arrest was […]