Recap: Spring 2022 Book Club

How will artificial intelligence (AI) shape our lives? Who is developing AI, and what motivates them? What flaws currently exist in AI systems, and how might they be improved or exploited? Quantitative futurist Amy Webb explores these questions in her 2019 book The Big Nine: How the Tech Titans and Their Thinking Machines Could Warp […]

Recap: Environmental Justice with Just Moms STL

When Karen Nickel’s parents moved to the banks of Coldwater Creek in Hazelwood, Missouri 20 miles northwest of St. Louis, they did not realize they were moving to an area contaminated by radioactive material. Karen later moved to nearby Maryland Heights, where she raised her own family in a house 1.5 miles from the West […]

Genetics, Genealogy, and Personal Privacy

On TV, DNA evidence is portrayed as a slam-dunk way to pin a suspect to a crime. But what if you have DNA, but no suspect? In April 2018, Joseph James DeAngelo, better known as the “Golden State Killer,” was arrested over 30 years after committing burglaries, rapes, and murders that terrorized Californians. This arrest was […]