Policy Memo: Improving Maternal and Infant Health in St. Louis Through Nutrition Access

In April 2021, two teams of ProSPER members participated in the National Science Policy Network‘s policy memo competition. This is the memo by Adrienne Brauer, Ananya Benegal, Kayla Hannon, Jessica Kuppan, and Sarah Speck; the memo by Hannah Frye, Daphne Ko, Emilee Kotnik, and Nathan Zelt can be found here. Executive Summary The city of […]

Recap: Environmental Justice with Just Moms STL

When Karen Nickel’s parents moved to the banks of Coldwater Creek in Hazelwood, Missouri 20 miles northwest of St. Louis, they did not realize they were moving to an area contaminated by radioactive material. Karen later moved to nearby Maryland Heights, where she raised her own family in a house 1.5 miles from the West […]

The Search for Mental Health Biomarkers

A patient coming into the emergency room with chest pain and nausea could be suffering from a myriad of conditions—something as minor as indigestion or as severe as a heart attack. It is important to quickly diagnose them, but thankfully there is a blood test that that can tell if the patient is having a […]