Using Group Funds

Money to cover the cost of your group event must be in your graduate student group account (university and/or fundraising) before you spend it. Use the Graduate Student Group Reimbursement Form to process your requests for reimbursements of funds from your group accounts.

ProGradS and GPC place a great deal of emphasis on student group responsibility and autonomy. Once funds are allocated to your group, it is your responsibility to spend them properly according to the approved line item allocations. The Liberman Graduate Center can provide periodic spreadsheets with your group’s expenses paid and account balances to assist your treasurer. Use of funds for reasons other than those approved in the line item budget, or re-allocations of funding without prior approval, may result in a suspension of funding privileges for the group(s) involved. The intentional misuse of funds or use of funds for personal benefit will result in the filing of a suit with the university judicial administrator and may subject your group members or your group to disciplinary action or expulsion. You may be held personally accountable for the repayment of misused funds. Group budget accounts will be reviewed annually or as needed.

It is the responsibility of the group treasurer to keep track of their accounts. The Graduate School office can assist group treasurers with questions and periodically provide updates about the account(s).

Request Carry-Forwards and Extensions
Because university funds are allocated on an academic year (July 1-June 30) basis, your spring semester budget will be closed out at the conclusion of the semester. The last day to spend your funds will be June 1.  With the exception of the registered group fundraising allocation account, funds do not carry forward from year to year.  If your group has unusual circumstances that may require funds beyond the spending deadline, the group should request an extension from the Graduate Center in writing at least two weeks prior to the deadline.

Submitting Deposits

Money collected from membership dues, event guests, contributions, sponsors, etc. must be deposited into your group’s fundraising account. Deposits can be made through Cashnet  or by cash or check.  All cash or check deposits should be delivered in person within 1-2 days of events to the Liberman Graduate Center. Group representatives should request a receipt indicating amount of deposit, account name, and date. Deposits are generally available for group use within 2-3 working days. Cashnet is the recommended way to collect membership dues.

Paying Vendors and Requesting Reimbursement

Vendors may be paid in one of three ways: by purchase order (PO), check request (CR), or interdepartmental order (ID).

  • A vendor is any person or business who provides goods or services which they are paid for; this includes graduate group members who make purchases on behalf of the group.
  • Some vendors (typically caterers) may request a 50% deposit via check request prior to events with a signed contract. Balance will be paid upon conclusion of event and receipt of final invoice which shows amount of contract, less 50% deposit paid, with remaining balance due.
  • All reimbursements for expenditures made on behalf of the group must be accompanied by documentation. Proper reimbursement documentation must show itemization and proof of payment.

NOTE: Washington University is a sales tax-exempt institution. All WU registered university-wide graduate student groups should present a copy of WU’s tax exempt letter when purchasing items for approved graduate student group events to avoid paying sales tax. Most St. Louis companies will accept this exemption.

Turn in receipts for reimbursements within a week after your event. This will help keep your university budget up to date, as well as allow the treasurer to keep accurate records and students to be reimbursed. You will need to submit reimbursement forms to reimburse individuals who have used their own money and to pay vendors.

  1. Follow the Graduate Student Group Reimbursement Form Instructions to submit a completed social expense form, making sure all fields are filled in, including payee name, address, Student number, (or Federal ID number, if business) to the  Graduate Center.
  2. Attach an original, itemized receipt and/or invoice with the Graduate Student Group Reimbursement Form. The receipt must clearly show an itemized list of purchases as well as proof of payment.
  3. If the receipt is one that does not show proof of payment, a credit card or bank statement must be included to show proof of payment.
  4. Be sure that your group’s treasurer has approved the reimbursement and signed the form or emailed their approval.