Group registration must be renewed annually, no later than June 15, by submitting an end-of-the-year annual budget and activities report; and a proposed activities plan and budget for the upcoming year.  Requests should be made to the ProGradS Committee Chair via the Graduate Center.  Be sure that your annual report is thorough.  Include line-item budgets for your group events, so that all expenditures are accounted for.

Guidelines for Submitting Budget Proposals

All budget proposals must include:

  • Group name
  • Names of the president and treasurer along with contact information (email and phone number)
  • Number of current student members
  • A list of events (or other types of expenses) which includes projected number of attendees, purpose, and detailed list of anticipated expenditures for each proposed event
  • Report of previous year with expenditure and income summaries
  • Groups with detailed budget requests are much more likely to obtain funding than groups that do not.
  • Groups whose events were successful in the past are more likely to obtain similar amounts of funding for repeated events.
  • Proposed events should align with the stated mission of the group.
  • Groups submitting budget requests by the required deadline are more likely to obtain funding than groups that do not.

Factors Typically Considered in Determining Level of Funding

  • Detailed budget proposal: be as specific as possible. Be sure to identify each specific event and itemize expenditures needed for that event. Include all other anticipated sources of income for the year.
  • Description of programming: what number of WU graduate students will benefit from the program? Does the student group make a legitimate effort to involve the entire campus? In what ways does it contribute to the mission and purpose of your group? Is its implementation reasonable and feasible?
  • Membership: university funding will be dispersed in consideration of the group size.
  • Previous budget reports: Historical budget reports are considered to determine the spending and fundraising habits of your group. These reports should include the amount and source of financial support, success of programs, responsible use of funds, adherence to requirements and the number of people involved in events.