A registered graduate student group can request an email account by contacting  Graduate Center staff. Graduate group officers given this permission will be able to access the group’s email account with their WUSTL key and password once the account is created.

WU Listserv/Distribution List

A registered graduate student group that already has an approved group email account may request use of a moderated group mailing list (group listserv), to enable group members to communicate by email about group events, programs and information/discussions that are consistent with the group mission.

Registered graduate student groups can request a group listserv using the following process:

  1. The president of the student organization should email a written request for a group mailing list to the Graduate Center. Include the following information: name of graduate student organization; requested group email account name; name and contact information of the designated group officer(s) who will be responsible for moderating and administering the group listserv. This liaison must also be a group officer or designated board member of that student organization.
  2. Approved requests will be forwarded to WU IT to set up the listserv for the student group. (Allow at least 7 working days for setup). Approval information will be sent to the group officer designated to serve as the group moderator with a copy to the president of the group.
  3. Designated group officer is responsible for populating the list with group member email addresses and updating/auditing the addresses regularly.
  4. Groups may also set up a Distribution List in Outlook without the permission of WU IT.


Group members who are enrolled as graduate students at Washington University are eligible to be added. Individuals not affiliated with Washington University are not eligible to be added to the group listserv without prior approval of group officers in consultation with the Graduate Center; registration process should include criteria for identifying and approving users.

Group members added to the group listserv must have the option of opting out of receiving future messages if they wish. The listserv is set up with automatic student opt-out. Information on how to opt out of the list must appear at the bottom of every email message that is posted on the group listserv.

For example: You are currently subscribed to (yourgroup listserv moderated by the (your group name) and administered by the ProGradS Committee and managed by GPC of Washington University in St. Louis. To unsubscribe, email with “unsubscribe (your group name)” in the body of email.

Managing your Group List     

The designated group moderator will be responsible for approving members to the listserv. In the event of unresolved complaint or concern about the list, the designated moderator should inform the Graduate Center Office.

The group listserv should be used primarily to communicate group events, programs, and information of interest to members and consistent with group mission.

The group listserv should not be used for commercial purposes, advertising, or to promote events outside the university that do not further the group mission.