A contract is required when a student group invites a vendor or individual to campus to perform a service; this includes third party vendors, caterers, DJs, speakers, musical performers, etc.  Students are not legal signatories of the university and may not sign contracts or agreements, or enter into any verbal agreements, on behalf of their group. This requirement is for the protection of the student group who is booking the vendor, as well as the university. Contact the Graduate Center for details; be aware it may take at least 2-3 weeks prior to the planned engagement to attain all needed approvals and signatures.

To process a contract:

  1. Ask the vendor to complete and sign the contract. You may use a Washington University standard contract or the vendor’s contract. (Washington University contract may be required for groups and performers).
  2. Groups must submit the contract to the Graduate Center for review and approval. Students should never sign contracts.
  3. Graduate Center staff will send a copy of the signed contract to the vendor and notify student groups that the contract has been completed
  4. Allow at least 7-10 days for processing.