Washington University is one of the few academic medical centers in the nation that is affiliated with pharmacy-based PrEP care and is the only pharmacy PrEP program to date in Missouri. PrEP follow-up care is provided by a clinical pharmacist at low cost, and PrEP users have said they feel comfortable getting care at the pharmacy.

We have a collaborative practice agreement with Gateway Apothecary Pharmacy that will provide PrEP care for underinsured and uninsured individuals. The pharmacy conducts blood testing on site, counseling and referrals to support services.  A referral network is set up for primary care, mental health, and substance use.

A team of pharmacists are trained in registration paperwork for medication payment assistance programs that cover PrEP costs.

Gateway Apothecary is located just a few blocks from the Washington University Infectious Disease Clinic, at 4473 Forest Park Avenue. It is easily accessible by MetroLink/MetroBus. Gateway Apothecary also offers free delivery for prescriptions.

  • PrEP information board in the lobby of Gateway Apothecary. Title: "PrEP: Is It For You?"


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