Project Conclusions

Below are some conclusions resulting from our project and avenues of future work.

Conclusions, Future Work, and Device Cost:

  • Demonstrated successful sun-tracking, charging, data logging, and battery switching
  • Sun-tracking & charging consumes 3.4% of daily harnessed energy
  • 6.17hr nightly LED runtime possible with scaled up device (4 cells)
  • Costs $100.50 maximum to manufacture (4 cell device)
  • Use batteries with higher round trip efficiency (ours max of ~70%)
  • Buy more effective Max Power Point TrackerĀ or build our own
  • Print lighter stand for cells
  • Make device collapsible
  • Within the next 10 years, switch to organic photovoltaic cells, as they show great promise in cost for conversion efficiency
Component 4-Solar Cell Device
Solar Panels $32
Batteries $24
LEDS $10
Temperature Sensor $1
Servo Motors $7.50
Arduino $12
Voltage Sensor $2
Relays $6
Switches and Plywood $6
Total $100.5