Device Design

Please click the tabs below to see our design process from initial ideation to final product.

Design Steps:

  1. To determine design parametersSystem Block Diagram Image 2
  2. To design a battery charger
  3. To design and implement two-axis tracking
  4. Integrate all components into a robust and functional device


 70-Bulb LED Strand Consumes 4.8W at 6V

Battery Sizing Calculations

[1]  Max Nightly Energy Usage of LEDs  (6 hours) 28.8 Wh
[2] Two Night Storage (12 hours)

57.6 Wh

[3] Battery Capacity Required 15,567 mAh
  • Target Region: Sub-Saharan Africa
  • 2000 kWh/m^2 radiation each year
    • Four 13x15 cm^2 Cells, 15% PCE
    • 2.5W each (5V 0.5A)
    • Linked in parallel: max current and matches battery voltage

Sun Harvesting Time Calculations

[4] Hourly Solar Radiation 228.31 Wh/m2
[5] Hourly Energy Harvested 2.67 Wh
[6] Hours of Harvesting Needed (Range) [8.98,10.79] hrs