What is the process for getting your photos ready and then uploading them into Pixel? Follow the flow chart and see the steps written out below.

Pixel overview flow chart
Pixel overview flow chart

  1. Shoot photos
  2. Edit photo and add metadata
    1. Update filename to standardized naming system 
    1. Remove blurry, out-of-focus, and awkward photos from set
    2. Edit photos
    3. Add metadata to fields required for upload (see Policies & Standards for metadata requirements)
  3. Deliver photos
    1. Provide final photo set to photo requestor
  4. Prep for upload
    Pixel Administrator
    1. Spot check photo set for issues
    2. Review metadata
  5. Curate (if needed)
    Pixel Administrator or Photo Requestor
    1. Pick best and most representative selects for Pixel
  6. Assign for upload
    Pixel Administrator
    1. Send photo assignment to Pixel uploader
  7. Upload and tag
    Pixel Uploader
    1. Review our pre-upload checklist
    2. Upload photos to Pixel (reference our Pixel Upload Guide)
    3. Check to make sure existing metadata maps into Pixel
    4. Tag additional metadata fields and categories, if necessary
  8. Check quality and release
    Pixel Administrator
    1. Review uploads for quality assurance (at minimum, spot-check 10% of uploads)