User roles

Schools and departments will be expected to assign a main administrator to manage the assets in their local DAM. We recommend adding a backup administrator as well.

  • Global Administrator: Galen Harrison is the Global Administrator for Pixel. Galen is responsible for adding and assigning roles to local asset groups and manage user licenses.
  • Administrator: This licensed user manages their department’s or school’s assets, asset groups and metadata. They can upload, edit and add metadata fields and download, as well as create, manage and share collections and portals.
  • Uploader: This licensed users can upload, edit and download assets.
  • User: This licensed user can view and download assets.


Schools and units may choose to make their assets public or private. We encourage you to make your assets public as much as possible.

  • Public assets are visible and available for download by all licensed Pixel users at the university.
  • Private assets are only visible and available to select users within your school and department, which your Administrator controls and manages.

Licensed users will have access to all assets that are public. The Global Administrator will have access to all assets, including those that are private.