R Workshops in Brazil

Meet Shelly Cooper (Cognitive Control & Psychopathology Lab) and Leah Schultz (Personality Measurement and Development Lab), who recently made a return visit to Porto Alegre, Brazil, to lead an R workshop!

Their first trip, in October 2016, came about after Shelly befriended a visiting student from Brazil named Letícia Czepielewski. Upon returning to Brazil, Letícia worked with her university (Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul) to invite Shelly and Leah to lead an R workshop. The workshop was such a success that Shelly and Leah were invited back to lead two back-to-back workshops in July and August of 2019.

“All the people attending the workshops were just remarkably kind and generous. They were so excited to show us around their city, and they were really excited to more about how R could help them. Leah even got a round of applause when she showed how to easily make a correlation table.” -Shelly

Exploring Brazil

During their 2016 trip, Shelly and Leah also traveled to Iguazu Falls, the largest waterfall system in the world. In between teaching the two workshops during their 2019 trip, they traveled to Rio. On both trips they went to soccer games and supported the local team, Grêmio.

“The food is amazing. The drinks are amazing. It was really rainy, but still incredible. The street art was amazing, and it was just a really fun city to walk around and hang out.” – Shelly

Looking forward

Shelly recently defended her dissertation (congrats!) and Leah is slated to defend in Spring of 2020. They both are pursuing teaching careers in the St. Louis area. Leah will be starting at St. Louis University this semester, and Shelly will be continuing at Washington University and University College.