Diversity refers to differences that include ability, age, culture, ethnicity, gender, nationality, race, religion, sexual orientation, and socioeconomic status. The Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences at Washington University welcomes the richness that diversity brings to our community. We hope to model and enhance the appreciation of diversity by:

  • Attracting faculty, students, and staff of diverse backgrounds to our Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences and Psychology programs
  • Fostering an atmosphere of acceptance and inclusion in which we support all people in our academic and social communities.
  • Welcoming honest and open discussion regarding diversity issues.
  • Enhancing awareness of diversity issues through ongoing research.


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In recent years we have hosted professional development events, including SafeZone training (to increase awareness around LGBTQ+ experiences) and diversity talks/panels (featuring guest speakers who address issues related to diversity in higher education). We partner with Washington University’s College Prep Program to organize psychology lab demos and panels for visiting high school students who will be the first in their family to attend college (i.e., first-generation college students) or from low-income backgrounds.

DiversityCommitteeDiversity Committee Fall 2018

We have also partnered with other PGSA committees with the goal of building and redefining community. For example, in collaboration with the Peer Mentoring Committee we have previously organized a service luncheon for incoming graduate students to volunteer at Global Farms in North St. Louis followed by lunch afterwards for an opportunity to step outside of our work bubbles and for a bonding experience.  We also host several socials throughout the year. At our diversity potlucks, attendees bring dishes that represent family or cultural traditions for others to try, and everyone discusses diversity-related table topics. Our movie nights focus on films that address social injustice and include post-viewing discussions. In the summer, we host ice cream socials where attendees candidly discuss social and political issues while enjoying frozen treats.

Pulling weeds at EarthDance

Borrowing gloves for our farm work at EarthDance