The PGSA is comprised of many student-led committees. For more information, how to get involved, or events, check out each committee’s page!

PGSA Chairs

2020-2021: Jaisal Merchant & Sarah Paul

The Chair is the PGSA contact person for students and faculty. They serve as the department’s representative to the Graduate Council and help to coordinate events with the other committees.

Student Senator

2020-2021: Clarissa Tardiff

The Student Senator attends monthly Graduate Student Senate meetings and keeps the department updated on campus-wide graduate school events.

Brown Bag Committee

Brown Bag Committee is dedicated to providing students with informal opportunities to learn about research being conducted by their peers. 

Social & Wellness Committee

Social & Wellness Committee strives to create a fun and welcoming community for graduate students, postdocs, staff, and faculty by offering opportunities to socialize.  This committee also seeks to promote wellness within the department by holding events focused on the physical, emotional, and mental health of graduate students.

Peer Mentoring Committee

Peer Mentoring Committee provides mentorship opportunities for new graduate students to help them transition into their program of study. 

Diversity Committee

Diversity Committee aims to model and enhance the appreciation of diversity in the department by hosting events that encourage discussion about a range of issues. 

Social Media Committee

Social Media Committee manages this website and the PGSA Instagram