All of the experiments that we have conducted have served to increase our understanding of the PFG sensor. At the completion of our experimental results we see in plots 10 and 11 that a linear trend may exist between the input force and the maximum percent change in frequency. These results support our original hypothesis that a simple linear relationship exists between force input and PFGs output. Although we do not have enough data to suggest a mathematical model for this relationship, we did produce preliminary results in investigating this relationship.

Future data collection over a larger range of applied force is still needed in understanding the relationship between input force and PFG output. Unfortunately our experimental setup started to break as we increased the input force to 30lbs.  We believe the experimental setup breaking, as well as other factors, may have caused our unsuccessful second run of data collection. We recommend in future investigation of this relationship to use an improved experimental setup to endure the wear and tear of impact testing.