Vijay Sharma, PhD

Project Leader, TR&D 3
Professor of Radiology

Vijay Sharma’s research focuses on employing state-of-the-art rational drug design tools. He is interested in the synthesis of small organic molecules, peptide conjugates and metalloprobes to interrogate important biological pathways and identify new biomarkers.

Other areas of near-term interest are to extend the repertoire of reporter probes into various biological applications via development of novel heterocyclic compounds for imaging reporter gene expression and cancer biology, chemiluminescent substrates for imaging inflammation, and near-infrared optical probes for understanding critical disease-specific biochemical mechanism(s).

  • • Chemical and radiopharmaceutical synthesis
  • • Imaging of Alzheimer’s Disease biomarkers
  • • Multidrug resistance and blood-brain barrier imaging
  • • Myocardial perfusion imaging

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