Robert J. Gropler, MD

Program Director
Co-Leader, TR&D 2
Professor of Radiology

Robert J. Gropler, MD, senior vice chair and division director of radiological sciences for Mallinckrodt Institute of Radiology, has been involved in PET-related research of the CV system for more than 20 years. One major focus of his work is the development, validation and application of new quantitative tools to measure myocardial oxygen, glucose and lactate metabolism using PET radiotracers developed at Washington University.

More recently these efforts have expanded to the preclinical and first-in-man evaluation of new PET radiopharmaceuticals designed to assess myocardial fatty acid metabolism and key cellular processes such as PPAR-alpha activation, oxidative stress and inflammation. Germane to this application, Gropler was a co-principal investigator on the Washington University PEN Program (HHSN268201000046C) and works closely with others in developing new functionalized nanomaterials to image atherosclerosis.

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