The PET Radiotracer Translation and Resource Center (PET-RTRC) is the U.S. innovation hub for the development of novel PET radiotracers. Leading the way for a nationwide network of collaborators, the PET-RTRC seeks to expand the understanding of diseases and advance the mission of precision imaging.


A National Laboratory for the Advancement of Precision Imaging

The goal of each TR&D project is to develop new PET radiotracers that will image biologic targets modulating the ubiquitous disease processes of inflammation and oxidative stress.


Known Innovators in the Field of Imaging

Robert J. Gropler, MD, serves as director of the PET-RTRC. He co-leads one of the center’s prominent research projects, which aims to translate an imaging agent for head and neck cancer patients. Gropler also is senior vice chair and division director of radiological sciences at Mallinckrodt Institute of Radiology.

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