Dr. Steven Petersen:

I have three main areas of behavioral and imaging research: the development of reading, attentional control systems, and the description of large-scale functional networks.

The first focus is on the development of neural mechanisms underlying reading from

Dr. Petersen & Dr. Schlaggar

ages 7 to adulthood with an emphasis on how visual regions in the brain change as people become fluent readers.

The second focus is on identifying and characterizing networks of regions for task organization and executive control. This work has lead to more than 10 publications describing the function of two relatively independent task control networks, one working to maintain task set or goals, and the other to task initiation and adjustment of ongoing performance. This work is primarily in typical and typically developing populations, but also in individuals with autism, Tourette Syndrome, and stroke. This line of studies encouraged us to employ graph theoretic techniques to model relationships in control systems, leading to the study of very large-scale network studies of dozens of brain regions. 

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Dr. Petersen collaborated and shared his lab with Dr. Bradley Schlaggar until 2018 when Dr. Schlaggar accepted the opportunity to become President and CEO of Kennedy Krieger Institute in Baltimore, Maryland.

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Dr. Petersen showing the Dalai Lama an MRI machine.