The Personomics Research Group headed by Dr. Janine Bijsterbosch aims to understand how brain connectivity patterns differ from one person to the next, by studying the “personalized connectome”. We are interested in this variability across people because it can potentially be used to understand and predict differences in behavior, performance, mental state, disease risk, treatment response, and physiology. 

Specifically, our research focuses on:

  • Characterizing connectivity using large-scale population studies with 100 – 100,000 individuals
  • Developing and applying advanced connectomics analysis techniques
  • Differentiating between shared connectivity abnormalities and unique markers of disease through cross-diagnostic research

Where to find us

We are based at Washington University, St. Louis in the Mallinkcrodt Institute of Radiology East Building:

Want to join us?

The Personomics Research Group is currently looking for Graduate students and Postdocs to join the team! Contact us here to find out more.