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Our work is about measuring and intervening on the environmental and contextual determinants of health and health behavior. All of our projects aim to improve health equity by moving towards a world in which everyone lives in a healthy place. We conduct research in St. Louis, throughout the United States, in Latin America, and beyond.

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Spatial inequities are unjust, avoidable, and systematic differences in the geographic distribution of health-related resources, opportunities, burdens, and outcomes within or across communities caused and/or maintained by systemic biases in the planning, policy, and de facto use of space.

Conversely, spatial inequalities are the disparate or uneven geographic distributions of health-related opportunities, resources, burdens, or outcomes within or across a region or community.

From Favarão Leāo et al., Spatial Inequity of Transport and Urban Design Features in Health and Place Research: A Scoping Review (forthcoming)
PHP: Building Capacity and Evidence on the Health Impacts of Built and Social Environments – Feb. 8, 2023 webinar

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