Purpose in a Diverse Society will take place in St. Louis, Missouri on October 27-28, 2017. This conference will address topics such as the role of purpose in promoting comfort with diversity, how diversity experiences may help individuals find a direction for life, and how different forms of diversity are associated with life goal commitment. Events will include a series of talks by speakers from across the country, a poster session, and other activities on the Washington University campus.

This conference is co-hosted and sponsored by PRYDE at Cornell University

Who will be speaking at this conference?

Jennifer Richeson, Anthony Ong, Seana Moran, Rachel Sumner, Onnie Rogers, Lisa Kiang, Adia Harvey Wingfield, Rodica Damian, Todd Kashdan, Teresa Cardador, and Kira Hudson Banks.

Click here for a detailed list of conference speakers.

How can I apply to present a poster?

We are no longer accepting poster submissions, but for a listing of the presenters, click on the Poster Presentations link to the right.