Vehicle Registration

All faculty, staff, students, and long-term visitors who park vehicles on university property must register their vehicles with Parking Services and display a parking permit at all times on campus. Commuters who use more than one vehicle must register each with Parking & Transportation Services and can then move a valid permit between each registered vehicle. Registration can be accomplished through our website, by mail, by phone, or at the Parking & Transportation Services office at North Campus.

Keep in mind:

  • The person to whom a vehicle is registered will be held fully responsible for all violations assigned to that vehicle.
  • When a registrant disposes of or sells a vehicle, the permit should be removed and Parking Services should be notified to ensure the registrant will not be held responsible for tickets the vehicle might receive in the future.
  • All vehicles that belong to the immediate family of a university faculty, staff, or student – whether registered with the university or not – will be considered the responsibility of that individual. Any parking violations charged against that vehicle will be the responsibility of the individual.
  • Unregistered vehicles with outstanding violations will be identified through the vehicle plate information using the state registration system and billed accordingly. An additional fine could be applied if a vehicle is not registered with Parking Services.
  • If you dispose of or sell a vehicle registered with WashU, remove the parking permit and notify Parking & Transportation Services so you will no longer be held responsible for tickets the vehicle might receive.
  • All parking rules and regulations apply to registered and nonregistered vehicles.

Register a Vehicle

To register your vehicle or to change an existing vehicle registration, please log in to our secure system. 

If you do not wish to register online, you may submit your registration by mail, phone, email, or in person at the Parking & Transportation Services office.