West Campus Shuttle

West Campus ShuttleThe West Campus shuttles are in service Monday through Friday from West Campus to the Danforth Campus every 15 minutes, with service beginning at West Campus at 7 a.m., and the last pickup at Mallinckrodt Center at 10 p.m.. The shuttles are not in service on Saturdays and Sundays. It’s free to park in yellow spaces on Danforth without a permit on the weekend.


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Normal Route
The shuttles pick up and drop off passengers at the corner of Jackson and Forsyth at West Campus; make a right turn on Lee, a right on Jackson, and a left turn on Forsyth to the Mallinckrodt bus plaza.

The east end drop off/pickup area is in the parking lot at Goldfarb Hall.  The bus will then exit on to westbound Forsyth, continuing the route to West Campus.

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Each shuttle accommodates 20 to 25 passengers and are equipped with GPS technology, allowing passengers to track them in real time via the WUSTL Mobile app. In addition, one of the shuttles is wheelchair accessible.

The service is free, but passengers must show a valid university ID to board.

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