Pay or View Parking Citations


Each individual is responsible for paying all violations. Individuals with outstanding fines will not be allowed to purchase new permits/passes until the fines are paid in full. Outstanding fines could result in a vehicle being towed.

Parking Ticket Fines

Fines are printed on each ticket placed on vehicles that are in violation of these regulations.

Habitual violators are subject to an additional fine as well as towing. A complete list of university fines can be obtained from Parking & Transportation Services.

Payment of Fines

Payment for all fines is due seven (7) days from the date the violation was issued. Fines are payable online below, in person at Parking & Transportation Services, or by mail.

Visitor Citations

Fines may be paid in person at the Parking & Transportation Services office or by mailing in your payment using the yellow envelope provided with your citation.

Faculty and Staff

If fines are not paid within seven (7) days, an invoice will be sent. If payment is not received, action will be initiated for payroll deduction. Subsequent vehicle registration will be withheld and permits will not be sold until all outstanding violations have been paid. Payment may be made as follows: cash, check, credit card, or payroll deduction.


Fines will be charged to the student’s account if not paid within seven (7) days.

Students with delinquent accounts could have academic records placed on hold with the university. Registration materials, transcripts, and grade reports could be withheld pending settlement of all accounts. Payment may be made as follows: cash, check, credit card, or student account.

WashU Key Assistance

If you are a current student, faculty or staff member and do not know your WashU Key ID and/or password, please contact the helpdesk at 314-935-5707.

Failure to Pay Fines

Unpaid fines can result in a vehicle being towed. Individuals with outstanding fines will not be allowed to purchase new permits or passes until outstanding fines are paid in full.

Displaying a Fraudulent Permit or Pass

In addition to a fine of up to $1,000 for displaying a lost, stolen, invalid, altered, and/or fraudulent annual permit or short-term pass, the car will be towed at the owner’s expense, the violator could have his/her parking privileges revoked, and the owner may be referred for criminal prosecution.

Updated Only Ticket Policy

Washington University in St. Louis will NO longer automatically void one parking violation (for no permit, incorrect zone, etc.) per fiscal year, if it is the only ticket issued. Every citation issued will be due and payable within seven (7) calendar days.

Forgetting to Display a Permit

Your Washington University parking permit must be displayed at all times when on campus. Citations issued for not having your permit displayed cannot be voided. Citations are due and payable within seven (7) calendar days. If you would like to appeal the citation, you may follow the citation appeals process.

The policy remains that all citation appeals must be submitted within seven (7) calendar days. Any appeals received after seven (7) calendar days will not be accepted or reviewed.