Thank you to EVERYONE who auditioned!  And thank you to all those who gave so generously of their time and talent this weekend at callbacks! 

If you have been cast, please go to the PAD Callboard and initial the cast lists there to indicate your acceptance of the role. 

For those cast in Rocky, Kentucky, and Angels, please pick up your script from the PAD Office.  

For those cast in Florida, please get in touch with Jeffery Matthews about your availability to participate in the Hotchner Festival. 



(in order of appearance)

USHERETTE: Sabrina Odigie

JANET: Sarah James

BRAD: Nathan Wetter

NARRATOR: Eudora Anyagafu

RIFF-RAFF: Kelley Abell

COLUMBIA: Emma Thorp

MAGENTA: Madelyne Quiroz

FRANK: Brandon Krisko

EDDIE: Cameron Bryant

ROCKY: Max Shteiman

DR. SCOTT: Stephen Reaugh

PHANTOMS: Katherine Dawson, Alisha Duvall, Catherine Herlihy, Nathaniel Holmes, Sofia McGrath, Gracie Parker, Peter Woods

Rocky Company Members should note that their first rehearsal is Tuesday, September 4th at 7:15pm in Olin I.


HIRO: Madison Lee


JAMES: Dominic Bottom

MASAKO: Alice Nguyen

DA’RAN: Dwayne McCowan

ERNEST: Donovan Duggins

AMY: Jenise Sheppard

LARRY: Marek Rodriguez

NICOLE: Ebby Offord

LAURA: Sarah Willis

ADAM: Louis Gordon

GRANDMA: Helen Fox

SYLVIE: Natalie Thurman

BRIDESMAIDS: Emma Flannery, Barri Levitt, Brylie Noe


ANGELS IN AMERICA-Part I: Millenium Approaches

ROY M. COHN (& Ensemble Roles TBD): Stephen Reaugh

JOSEPH PORTER PITT (& Ensemble Roles TBD): Nathan Wetter

HARPER AMATY PITT (& Ensemble Roles TBD): Stephanie Wright

LOUIS IRONSON (& Ensemble Roles TBD): Alex Knapp

PRIOR WALTER (& Ensemble Roles TBD): Louis Gordon

HANNAH PORTER PITT (& Ensemble Roles TBD): Kelley Abell

BELIZE (& Ensemble Roles TBD): Donovan Duggins

THE ANGEL (& Ensemble Roles TBD): Jacque Randolph




SETH: Camden Sabathne

REG: Nathaniel Holmes

OSCAR: Dennis Murray

BRIDGET: Carly Rosenbaum

PETE: Dwayne McCowan

MADDY: Sarah Willis

BARBARA: Ebby Offord

CHARLOTTE: Annie Butler

RUDOLPH: Marek Rodriguez

WUDT CAST LISTS have been posted.  Please check the Callboard Outside the Mertz Studio.  WUDC CAST LIST still to come!