Capture Critical Opportunities with PACT

A Message from Dean Mazzeo

Navigating Olin’s internal structures is often a challenge for our outside partners. Whenever an opportunity arises—from a valued alum, large corporation, fledgling startup, government entity, nonprofit or somewhere else—we want to proactively pursue it. The PACT System was created to help us share important information and opportunities among departments and the university. This will help us provide seamless engagement to our outside constituencies and foster long-lasting relationships.

The foundation of the PACT System is a form to capture the key information from partner engagements. After every meeting, call or important email with a partner, fill out the PACT form to capture the essential information. Through Olin’s CRM system (powered by Salesforce), the appropriate Olin person is notified about the engagement. This will result in timely follow-up and productive conversations between the partner and the right Olin contact. Thank you for prioritizing this important program.

Fill Out the PACT Form to Record Your Partner Meeting or Opportunity

The PACT System

The PACT System includes the processes, tools, resources, reporting and governance to help WashU Olin engage as a holistic and trusted partner to alumni and professionals. 

How It Works

  • Use the PACT form to summarize meeting details and opportunities.
  • Form creates a case in the CRM system (powered by Salesforce). If multiple opportunities are identified, the meeting organizer should schedule a debrief meeting with the point person(s) in each department to discuss the case and review the next steps.
  • The point person in each department creates an opportunity to track progress.
  • Opportunities progress through stages custom to each department.
  • Reports and dashboards are accessible in Olin’s CRM and can be emailed to key stakeholders regularly.
  • Ongoing cross-departmental PACT task force – Point persons from each department regularly meet to review cases and opportunities.

Activities & Opportunities to Report

  • Classroom speaker
  • Faculty research project
  • Giving
  • Hiring
  • Olin marketing
  • Student consulting (CEL)
  • Talent investing (Exec Ed) nondegree
  • Talent investing (Exec Ed) custom course
  • Talent investing (GPO) EMBA, Flex MBA or Online Specialized Masters
  • Talent investing (GPO) corporate contact

Cross-Functional Sharing of Information

Everyone at Olin is encouraged to use the PACT form to share opportunities that arise. That said, some teams will more frequently use the PACT form.

  • Center for Experiential Learning
  • Dean’s Office
  • Graduate Programs
  • Executive Education
  • Faculty Research and Research Centers
  • Marketing & Communications
  • WashU and Olin Advancement
  • WashU Center for Career Engagement
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Training Videos

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