"Today is a far, far cry from where we began."

“This note is about Doris Day and the other caring and compassionate staff we have encountered at Barnes Jewish Hospital.

Our journey with Barnes began about a year and half ago and continues to this day, so our observations are consistent, current and fresh.  Each trip to Barnes begins from Springfield, MO and that was the case on the first occasion when we encountered Doris.  Following a myriad of misdiagnoses we were referred to Barnes as a last resort by a local physician who knew things were rapidly deteriorating but lacked the capacity to put things right. 

We’re certain that what comes next is familiar to all of you; but, we were in uncharted territory and did not know what to expect.  Kurt was unable to speak due to what turned out to be tumors at the base of his tongue – he was in extreme pain – and was weak and way below his normal weight.  Given the travel, the frustration and the unknowns, it would be an understatement to say we were a mess!

And then we met Doris … our very own gift from God that day, but it didn’t stop there.  There was Dr. Zevallos with a precise diagnosis and an immediate referral to Dr. Adkins who accepted Kurt into a clinical trial and a whole series of events that resulted in a treatment plan and a regimen that is now stable, consistent and predictable.  Today is a far, far cry from where we began. 

This note is prompted by a very recent encounter with Doris.  Just the other day we were at the CAM for an appointment with Kelsey Rosenquist, your wonderful speech expert who has a big vision for what Kurt can accomplish with his speech and swallowing.   There Doris was, complete with her caring, competency, patience and positive attitude and, this time, she was a little bit more fun. 

Marketers would say that she is “the face of the brand” because she reflects the attributes of all the wonderful people we have encountered and who continue to serve so well in both the little things and the big.

So, we’ll just say, Thank you, Doris, trusting that when we say that, you know that we are thanking your entire staff and volunteers.”

Edith and Kurt Engelbrecht

"Positive outcome by far"

Craig Buchman, MD, FACS recently received a kind note from a patient with rare adult Auditory Neuropathy Spectrum Disorder. The patient wrote: “I just wanted to drop you a quick note and say “thank you” for everything. Although I know it will be a long process, this first month has been life-changing and that’s all because of you. A positive outcome by far and I am looking forward to the next chapter in my life. If I can be of assistance in any type of research, I would be more than willing. 

“Again, thank you for everything that you have done. I couldn’t have asked for a better doctor.”

Youth requests church donation to OTO

Dr. Andrew J. Drescher with Klayton and Karter Clark.

“You know you have a good doctor when he can make you smile and let you ugly cry on his shoulder,” wrote Sarah Clark about Dr. Andrew J. Drescher . “He has taken such good care of our boys and us!” Dr. Drescher and the audiology team at Children’s Specialty Care Center have cared for Clark’s sons Klayton and Karter for 10 years.

Once a year, the youth at Clark’s New Prospect Church vote to determine where the offering will be given. Thirteen-year-old Klayton proposed Children’s Specialty Care Center ENT/Audiology, which then won the vote. Thanks to all the Clarks and New Prospect Church for the donation!

"You guys are heroes to me"

“The doctors and nurses at St. Lous Children’s Hospital are magicians and make kids and parents feel comfortable,” said the mother of Russell, a recent surgery patient of Drs. David Molter (ENT) and Jessica Pittman (pulmonology).

“You have no idea,” she wrote. “You guys are heroes to me. Russell thought the whole thing was sorta fun. My mom asked were you scared, and he said ‘nooooooo’.”

Exceptional efficiency and compassion

We recently received a note from a patient’s son regarding service provided by Michele Ferraro, our manager of scheduling .

“I just want to let you know about the exceptional efficiency and compassion that Ms. Ferraro provided to me in expediting care for my Mom with Dr. Cameron Wick’s office today. Ms. Ferraro is a great reflection of the high standards of Wash U’s Medical Center.” Great work Michele!

Note of gratitude

A patient recently sent us a note of gratitude about our Clinical Nurse Coordinators Lisa Shoemaker and Emily Peck:

“Thank you so much for your kindnesses and extra efforts to help us and try to find solutions for our many questions and issues. It seems each time we come … there are so many things — and you both are very patient and very caring towards us. It is so appreciated. This is such a hard time for us and your help and concern makes such a difference. Thanks again.”

Duty above and beyond

A patient’s husband recently sent a note to the department praising Angie Moeller, Patient Billing Services Rep II.

“I am writing to compliment you on your excellent choice of an employee named Ms. Angie Moeller. Recently I made an appointment for my wife to have hearing tests at CID and Ms. Moeller not only brought a wheelchair to the parking lot for my wife, but insisted on pushing it to the building and to the office; then when the testing was finished, pushed it back to the car. And she has such a pleasing personality. You are fortunate to have such an excellent person in your employ.”