Clinical Innovation

Klatt-Cromwell introduces innovative non-surgical nasal treatment

Klat-Cromwell headshot with shield

For patients who suffer from recurrence of nasal polyps, Dr. Cristine Klatt-Cromwell now offers a non-surgical procedure using a new innovative device called Sinuva. Sinuva is a small device that Dr. Klatt-Cromwell places in the naval cavity where it delivers a nasal steroid called mometasone furoate directly to the sinus mucosa for about three months. This immediate contact with the nasal mucosa shrinks nasal polyps and reduces nasal obstruction/congestion symptoms while improving patients’ sense of smell.

The FDA-approved Sinuva sinus implant is designed for adults with nasal polyps who have had prior ethmoid sinus surgery. Because the device can be placed during a routine office visit under local anesthesia, it may be an appealing option for patients who do not want to undergo another surgery.

“Sinuva has shown very promising outcomes in patients with nasal polyposis, from a breathing perspective while also improving olfaction and decreasing infections,” said Dr. Klatt-Cromwell.