Our supervisors are focused on team success

You may think supervisors simply hire and fire, train new employees, and generally, well, just supervise. But they do so much more. They are the face of each functional unit; the fill-in for missing staff members; the leader responsible for progress and productivity; and, oh yeah, innovator, nurturer, and cheerleader. Quite simply, they are the […]

Q & A with Brent Spehar, PhD

What is your current title and responsibilities? My title is research scientist. I serve as co-principle investigator on two successful research projects with Nancy Tye-Murray, PhD. The first project examines audiovisual speech perception across the adult lifespan. I develop methods, materials, and models used to measure how well research participants can combine their visual and […]

Q & A with Maria Harrington

Photo of Harrington family

What is your title and how long have you worked for the department? I was hired by Oto in 1993 as a receptionist, then worked for a while as a secretary to the business manager and accounting manager. A couple years later I accepted the position of Senior Program Coordinator, a title which predates the […]

Dr. Chole and retirement: a special kind of busy

Most folks find a way to slow down during retirement. Not so for our former department chair, Richard A. Chole, MD, PhD. After 17 years, Dr. Chole officially stepped down as chair in October, 2015. He continued to see patients for another several years, while winding down activities in his research lab. Finally, in October […]

Q & A with Jaci Lett

How long have you been at Washington University and what type of work do you do? I started as a research technician at the Central Institute for the Deaf (CID) in 1985. CID at that time was an affiliate program of Washington University. We migrated with the CID group into the Department of Otolaryngology in […]

Q & A with Diane Athmer

How long have you been with the Department of Otolaryngology? I started with the department in October, 2001 as a clinical nurse coordinator. Prior to that I served as a nursing supervisor in the ENT department at SLU for three years. I’ve been blessed to work for some of the finest physicians in our specialty […]

Q & A with Elizabeth Mauze

What is your title and how long have you worked at Washington University? I am a research audiologist, and I came to WashU to complete a master’s degree in communication sciences, 1990-1992. After graduation I started working in the clinic at Central Institute for the Deaf (CID). I mostly taught adult aural rehabilitation classes and […]

Pumpkin Wars

When the knives come out, it’s time to rumble. Or in this case, it’s time to carve – pumpkins that is.  In St. Louis Magazine’s second annual Pumpkin Wars: Chefs vs Surgeons, local pediatric surgeons compete against local chefs to see who can carve the most creative pumpkin. The Fall festival, which includes an auction […]

Q & A with Carol Rose

Carol Rose with WashU shield

What is your role in the department? I currently serve as Office Manager over our West County offices. That includes two clinics at Barnes–Jewish West County Hospital, and the Center for Hearing and Balance at St. Luke’s Hospital. That means I get to travel a lot, and I do whatever it takes to make sure […]

Administrative assistants rise to the challenge

Photo of the secretarial group

Hidden across the medical school campus are a select group of administrative assistants who serve the physicians in otolaryngology. Collectively, they’ve been serving Washington University for more than 200 years (an average of 20 years each). Their list of duties is almost as long as their years of service, but one thing is certain—they know […]

Keiko Hirose, MD, begins term as president of ARO

Keiko Hirose, MD, professor of otolaryngology is the new president of the Association for Research in Otolaryngology (ARO). Dr. Hirose says, “it is truly an honor to be nominated and elected as president of ARO. The organization features some of the highest impact research in auditory neuroscience and provides a critical network of scientists and […]

Q & A with Team Leader Dawn Breeden

Operations Team Leader Dawn Breeden in her garden

You have a rather unique title. What are the duties of a Team Leader – Operations?  Well, I primarily make sure the office runs smoothly. That means I do whatever is needed at the time. I worked the front and back desks at our West County ENT clinic for 17 years. Then, after filling in […]