Compliance Education is required annually for faculty and staff who participate in patient care or reimbursement-related activities.

The annual requirement may be fulfilled in a variety of ways including participation in Learn at Work courses, presentations by the Compliance Educators, and pre-approved internal clinical department presentations. You need to participate in only one of the following options to fulfill the annual requirement.

1. Learn@Work courses:

These courses are available by logging into: and searching for “OPBC” from your Me page. You have two options to select from to complete your annual refresher requirement. (For those who do not have access to a computer, a print copy of the course may be requested from the Office of Physician Billing Compliance (OPBC) at 314-747-7661.) The Learn@Work options are:

  • Select the OPBC Annual Billing Compliance 101 Education module for the current fiscal year. This course will take approximately 22 minutes to complete.
  • Select OPBC Annual Billing Compliance 101 Education Assessment. The assessment consists of ten questions and requires a pass rate of 80% or higher to successfully complete. If you successfully complete the assessment, you will meet your annual billing compliance educations requirement.

2. Clinical Department Presentations:

The OPBC Compliance Educators present educational programs to the clinical departments as needed or as requested. These presentations offer an excellent opportunity to learn about the specific billing and documentation issues related to each specialty. Attendance at one of these meetings fulfills the annual compliance education requirement.

3. Pre-approved Internal Department Presentations:

Departments may choose to develop their own internal billing compliance presentations geared to their specialty. To receive credit for these programs, all materials including slides and hand-outs must be submitted to the Office of Physician Billing Compliance for pre-approval.