Introduction to Professional Billing Compliance

The Office of Physician Billing Compliance (OPBC) is responsible for physician and non-physician practitioner billing issues, including teaching physician services, documentation, CPT, and ICD-10-CM coding guidelines, reimbursement requirements, and health care billing fraud and abuse.  The OPBC conducts internal audits for 101 clinical departments/divisions and physician practices in the medical school and provides education to faculty and staff regarding billing compliance standards. 

Established in 1997, the Office of Physician Billing Compliance is separate from the University Compliance Office, which develops the Code of Conduct and provides guidance for reporting corporate compliance violations or concerns.  More information about the Code of Conduct is available at  The Code of Conduct website lists key contact people for many areas including confidentiality, conflict of interest, environmental health and safety, human resources, and research issues, etc.  For matters related to reimbursement of professional services, the Office of Physician Billing Compliance is the primary contact and can be reached at 314-747-7661.

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