Questions about Curriculum & Courses

Can I waive pre-requisites for Olin undergraduate courses?

Olin does not waive prerequisites for undergraduate courses. If you enroll in a course, but have not completed any prerequisites, the registrar will remove you from the course.

What do I do if I have a dispute or concern with a faculty member’s grading or course policies?

WashU Olin has a formal policy and process regarding Academic Grievances–concerns that students have regarding the academic policies, grading, or procedures in a given course. The policy and process unfolds as follows:

  1. Attempt to resolve the dispute directly with the faculty member. Disagreements often have roots in misunderstandings or communication gaps. Clearly raising your concerns with your instructor usually provides a clear path for remedying the issue.
  2. Consult your academic advisor for guidance and perspective. Academic advisors have a wealth of experience and a broad perspective across Olin’s courses and faculty members. They are often able to counsel students on whether the academic concern is warranted and/or suggest steps that the student might take to work with the faculty member to address the issue.
  3. Submit a Formal Academic Grievance. If the issue remains unresolved after the first two steps, you may then submit a Formal Academic Grievance. To do so, please complete this form and provide all the required information. If any information is missing, your grievance will be denied.
  4. Review by the Vice Dean for Education. Once the full complaint is submitted, it will be reviewed by the Vice Dean. At this point, the Vice Dean will decide whether (a) the grievance merits a full review or (b) whether the grievance is fully resolved by Olin’s existing policies.
  5. Review by a Member of the Academic Grievance Committee. If the Vice Dean determines that a full review is warranted, a member of Olin’s Standing Academic Grievance Committee–which the Vice Dean for Education chairs–will be assigned to investigate and adjudicate the case. This impartial third party will review documentation, interview relevant parties, examine Olin’s documented policies, and render a decision regarding the merits of the academic grievance. This decision is final unless the student identifies and documents a breach of the protocol delineated here. Appeals related to a breach of protocol should be submitted to the Vice Dean for Education, whose decision on academic grievances is final.

Questions about Unique Opportunities

I’m interested in studying abroad. Where can I learn more?

A majority of WashU Olin undergraduate students study abroad in one form or another. To guide your exploration of possible global opportunities, please consult Olin’s Undergraduate Global Programs site.