Students and Alumni

Responses from Current Students and Alumni
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Describe the Olin Experience: Collaborative, Challenging, Transformative, Diverse
Why choose Olin? Students and alumni choose Olin for a variety of reasons ranging from national reputation, small class size, collaborative environment, quality academics, commitment of faculty, and veteran-friendly.

Size of SchoolJob Placement Support
Quality of FacultyAlumni Network
Olin FacilitiesMidwestern Location

Trends in Business and Higher Ed

  • Data Analytics Curriculum
  • Entrepreneurial Curriculum
  • Global Perspective
  • “Soft Skills” like Communication and Creative Thinking
  • Interdisciplinary Collaboration
  • Online Learning


Alumni Satisfaction of ROI of Their Olin Education

Extremely or Somewhat Satisfied


National Council

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Why choose Olin in the future?

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Digital Skills
  • Practical Leadership
  • Value/Return on Investment
  • Quality of Faculty
  • Interdisciplinary Opportunities
  • Midwest Values
  • Connection to High-Caliber Companies

General Trends and Challenges for B-Schools

  • ROI
  • Online Options
  • Specialized Degrees

Faculty, Staff, and Senior Leaders

Individual Interviews (20): Senior WashU Leadership, Deans from all WashU Schools, Board of Trustee Members, Olin Emeritus Deans (3)
Input from Faculty and Staff Focus Groups (150+)


  • Desire for Olin to develop distinct positioning
  • “Midwestern Values” elicits strong but diverse responses
  • Focus on Olin/WashU’s unique relationships (School of Medicine, Brookings)
  • Entreprenuerial studies
  • Concern about the future of full-time MBA programs industrywide
  • Global and entrepreneurial studies are table stakes for b-schools today
  • Olin may offer too many programs
  • Olin is more collaborative than peer institutions
  • Olin’s technological infrastructure needs to be improved
  • How does online learning fit in to Olin’s future?
  • Decentralization vs. centralization at WashU
  • Expectations of the faculty: Are they stretched too thin?
  • Diversity of Olin’s faculty and staff