Photography plays an important role in our brand communications because it tells our story visually. Photography should be carefully selected to match our messaging, and it should always feel authentically like Olin. Images of people should feel natural, warm, and relaxed. Even when posed, figures should appear in the moment and naturally lit. When showing the WashU campus, try to find interesting angles and glimpses of sunlight as part of the images.

Images of Olin events, faculty, and student interaction or architecture may be acquired through your Marketing & Communications brand manager.

Headshot photos

Headshot photo shoots are scheduled annually and promoted to faculty and staff. The dean’s office schedules a photo shoot in August during the new faculty orientation. Headshots for faculty, PhD students, and staff members appear on the online photos and bio pages of the Olin website and are updated annually after the photo shoot. Olin faculty and staff headshots are available for download on the V drive.

If you would like to change a headshot image for yourself or someone else at a time other than the annual photo shoot, Washington University Photo Services is the best alternative. Photo Services offers free, professional photography. Faculty members can choose from digital proofs sent by email. The WU Photo Services studio is located on the east side of campus above Kayak’s. Call 5-5244 to make an appointment.


The Marketing & Communications department has worked with and can recommend these photographers.

LinkedIn cover photos

Want to personalize your LinkedIn profile page with images from your place of work? Check these out below, sized for LinkedIn’s specifications.

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Download the file

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