Here you’ll find downloadable logos, email signatures, PowerPoint templates, and social media image banners. It’s important to keep in mind that Washington University branding standards are governed by University Marketing & Communications. You can download university-wide assets and guidelines here. Additionally, Olin’s complete branding guidelines are available for download here (requires WUSTL Box login).

Creative Brief

Using a creative brief for projects makes it easy for communicators to identify their content priorities. It also ensures each communication carries a consistent voice and a strong message that focuses on what benefits the audience. Download the creative brief form for Olin’s Marketing & Communications department. We plan to create an interactive version of the creative brief; this downloadable version is available as a tool for now.


Washington University requires a standardized approach across all schools for logotype fonts on stationery, envelopes, and business cards. The Olin logo is an important component of our brand’s visual identity. One way you can help is by using Olin’s logo appropriately. Find the full set with various versions of Olin Business School’s logos on the University Marketing & Communications website.

To ensure consistency in our brand, do not stretch or distort the logo when you size the images.

WashU Olin’s informal mark
In conversation and most writing, we refer to the business school as WashU Olin Business School — an abbreviated version of the eight-word, 55-character formal name of the school. In keeping with that usage, we also have an informal mark — not a logo — that reflects the abbreviated name. It’s used on internal or external communication when the full university name is mentioned in copy or when the formal logo can be placed on a back cover

Download the full set of informal mark files (horizontal, vertical, color, B&W, vector, etc.).

Values Based, Data Driven®

We have elected to elevate our strategic pillar of excellence, Values Based, Data Driven®, as a brand identifier that’s unique to Olin. This is our point of differentiation—and we have registered the phrase in an ownable way in order to elevate and make it ours exclusively. See our one-page guideline for how to use this phrase in media applications.


Olin’s brand typefaces are Gloucester OS MT Pro and Source Sans Pro. You can visit the University Marketing and Communications website to download Source Sans Pro and the university’s other preferred typefaces. We encourage you to consult your supervisor or Olin IT for access to Gloucester OS MT Pro if you need it in your communication. See the compete brand guidelines for more details about how they are used. Note that WashU’s Libre Baskerville is an acceptable substitute for Gloucester and is also available for download from the University Marketing & Communications website. More branded pieces developed by Olin Marketing & Communications will use Gloucester, but less branded pieces can use Libre Baskerville.

Presentation Templates

These templates are ideal for use when communicating with external constituents, alumni, and current and prospective students. Download Washington University branded PowerPoint templates on the University Marketing & Communications website.

WashU Olin Business School templates are available as well, which are useful for communicating to internal constituents such as alumni, students, or staff.

Simple Olin Template

Generic Olin Template

Olin Online Programs Template

Email Signatures

Extend Olin’s brand into your emails with your personalized signature. You can add a graphic with one of four different phrases in our brand voice. The sample shown here is in our font Source Sans Pro. If you haven’t downloaded the font from University Marketing & Communications, do so here or use Arial as a substitute. Need to know how to change your email signature in Outlook? Link to instructions for your PC or your Mac.

First LastName
Title, Department
WashU Olin Business School

Click here to download the four signature images (above and below) in 800-pixel .jpeg format to include in your email signature.

Some additional signature examples:

LinkedIn Cover Images

Download this LinkedIn cover image
Download this LinkedIn cover image
Download this LinkedIn cover image
Download this LinkedIn cover image