Just prior to the course registration period for Spring Semester Year 1 (in November), students are asked to indicate to which Platform they intend to commit. The corresponding Industry Seminar course is then added to each student’s Fall Year 1 registration and a passing grade is entered for those who completed Industry Seminar’s requirements. If necessary, course registration priority is given for Platform courses. Students are responsible for registering themselves for all courses – both Platform and non-Platform – via Webstac. 

Just prior to the course registration period for Fall Semester Year 2 (in April), students are asked to officially declare the Platform to which they are committing (in some cases, this may be a change from the prior indication.) Taking this step represents a formal commitment to the platform and anticipated completion of its requirements.

In almost all cases, students commit to just one Platform. However, on very rare occasions, it may be appropriate for a student to complete two platforms. Students pursuing this exception to normal policy must complete a petition and have it signed/approved by both Platform Directors. The student is responsible for submitting the approved petition form to the MBA Office.