Independent study under the direction of a faculty member is available on a selective basis. The purpose of independent study is to provide an opportunity for students to pursue subject matter beyond the specific course offerings found in the School. Independent study is not viewed as a vehicle for getting credit for something in which the student may already be involved (e.g., a job or project in another course or study for CPA, CFA exams). It is an opportunity to get more in-depth exposure to an area of interest under the supervision and direction of a faculty member.

Typically, a student will discuss with a particular faculty member the possibility of receiving supervision on an independent study research project. Because faculty members have a variety of commitments, a student should have an independent study project fairly well thought out prior to seeking a faculty sponsor. Projects may receive from 0.5 to 6 academic credit(s), but normally no more than 3 credits may be granted in any one semester. Students may apply a maximum of 6 hours of independent study credit toward their minimum degree requirement with prior approval. This does not apply to Independent Study courses taken as part of Curricular Practical Training (CPT).

Independent Study Petition (pdf)

Once a project is agreed upon between student and professor, the student must submit a petition to the Graduate Programs Registrar for evaluation and approval by the Academic Review Committee. The petition should outline the topics to be covered, texts or other research material to be used, and research methodology to be employed. Students must be in good academic standing to be approved for Independent Study.