The Graduate Business Registrar enrolls all incoming students in the first semester core courses. Each semester thereafter, students perform their own registration via WebSTAC.

Preparing for Registration

  • Schedule a meeting with your academic advisor. This is required for your registration approval.
  • Check your Webstac account to confirm your registration date and time and check for any registration holds.
  • Review course offerings listed on Webstac.

Building Your Registration Worksheet
  1. Access courses through WebSTAC course listings.
  2. Search by Semester (i.e. FL2020) – Business – and the appropriate departments to see available classes
  1. You may also search for specific classes
  1. When looking for courses, be sure to note the course number, schedule, and instructor to ensure that you are selecting the right class. The numbers should match those on your curriculum sheet, which can be found online: Be sure to read the details for the course, which includes a course description and lists pre-requisites and enrollment eligibility.
  1. Hover over the course with your mouse and select RWS 1st or RWS 2nd to add the course to your Registration Worksheet as a first or second choice course:
  1. Make sure that your Registration worksheet includes the following:
    1. All required FL2020 courses in your 1st choice list.
    2. Electives that you would like to take and that you are eligible to take and that fit around your required courses, in your 1st choice list.
    3. Alternate sections of most or all of your required courses in your 2nd choice list, just in case you do not get into your first choice section of the class.
Registration Instructions

WebSTAC is Washington University’s system for course registration. Use WebSTAC to check enrollment status, view grades, view billing and account information, and update contact information. Logging in to WebSTAC requires a WUSTL Key and password.

  • Once logged on to WebSTAC, select the “Registration” item from the menu to register for courses.  Students may also go to a completed “Registration Worksheet” and select from there the courses in which they would like to enroll.  (See below image.)
  • Pay close attention to the specific class “section”, i.e. 01, 02 or 03.

NOTE: WebSTAC is designed to prevent students from being simultaneously enrolled for two conflicting classes. However, it treats all courses as “semester” courses, so it may return a “time conflict error” when a student attempts to enroll in Term A and Term B courses that meet on the same day of the week and time. If this error message appears, verify that the classes actually do not conflict and then override the message to enroll in both courses.

Waitlist: If a course has reached capacity, you’ll be asked if you want to be placed on the waitlist. Students on waitlists are automatically enrolled in the class as seats open up. It is the student’s responsibility to monitor any waitlist status and make any necessary adds or drops.

Short (weekend and weeklong) courses: During the first two weeks of registration, if you enroll in both short and standard mini or semester-long courses, WebSTAC will automatically put you on the waitlist. Review the “notes” section of the elective course listings for complete details.

Credit Limits
Full-Time MBA TraditionalFull-Time MBA ExtendedSpecialized Master StudentsPart-Time MBA
Fall Year 12222189.5
Spring Year 118.518.5189.5
Fall Year 2 18.510.5189.5
Spring Year 218.510.5N/A9.5
If you exceed the credit limits for your degree program, additional tuition at the per-credit-hour rate will apply.
Auditing a Course

Students wishing to audit a course (grade option “A”) must first speak with the professor of the course to determine if auditing is an option and, if so, learn the specific requirements for a successful audit.  If approval is granted, the student should then send the approval to their Academic Advisor. They will then change the grade option for the course from “P” to “A.”

Audited courses do not apply toward required credits to graduate, but do apply to the maximum credits allowed each semester without paying additional tuition.

Audited courses are listed on student transcripts.  A grade of “L” is given for a successful audit, and a grade of “Z” is given for an unsuccesful audit.

Audited courses don’t qualify as prerequisite requirements.  For example, if Course A is listed as a prerequisite for Course B, and the student has audited Course A, he/she has not met the prerequisite requirement for Course B.  Instructor permission would be required in order for the student to take Course B.

Request to Take a Non Olin Course

Students may apply for approval of coursework from other WUSTL schools (Law, Social Work, Engineering, Art & Architecture, and University College.)  Read this information about  courses outside of Olin. See an advisor for additional information.