Students are assessed tuition and fees on a semester basis and bills are due on the first day of classes. Monthly e-statements are sent to the student’s university email and reflect any adjustments resulting from drops, adds, late fees, or changes to your financial aid. Balances remaining on the account after the due date will be subject to a 2% late fee each month.

In addition to late fees, registration holds will be placed on the accounts of students who are in arrears. Holds prevent a student from adding or dropping classes, adding campus card points, registering for classes, and requesting a transcript.

For detailed information on billing, payment options, late fees, and refunds visit the WashU Student Accounts website.

Student accounts will refund tuition, fees, and charges paid by a sponsor, donor, or scholarship to the source rather than directly to the student who has withdrawn. For additional information on refunds and excess Title IV funds, please visit the WashU Student Accounts website: