1. After researching private loan options, students will initiate an online loan application with the lender of their choice and provide them with all requested documentation. Credit decisions are only valid for a prescribed length of time, so do not apply too soon.  
  2. Please select a loan period for the time frame during which funds are needed. Summer loan applications are always separate. However, fall and spring semester funding requests can be combined into one loan application.
    • Academic Year Loan Period: 8/20-5/21
    • Fall-Only Loan Period: 8/20-12/20
    • Spring-Only Loan Period: 1/21-5/21
    • Summer Loan Period: 5/21-8/21
  3. Upon loan approval, the lender will send Washington University a loan certification request. Certification involves confirmation that the student is admitted to a degree-seeking program. We will also make sure that the requested loan amount does not exceed cost of attendance limits.
  4. The lender will provide the borrower with a right to refusal period and communicate all required steps to the student electronically. Loan funds disburse to the university no sooner than 10 days prior to the start of the semester and automatically apply towards any tuition and fees owed.