Monthly Housing Allowance

(Non-active duty only)

MHA (% eligibility) * (E-5 w/ dependent pay) is based on zip code:

  • 63130 Zip code for St. Louis based programs.
  • 20036 Zip Code for Washington D.C. based programs.

Please note that the MHA is available only during active academic months. The net benefits received will be prorated according to your rate of pursuit by individual class day (Note: this is VA policy, not university policy).

  • (MHA amount / 30) * (eligibility %) * # class days * (rate of pursuit %)

The university certifies each course based on beginning and ending dates and the VA handles all MHA calculations from there. At a minimum, you must be attending at a 51% rate to receive MHA payments. 

Book Stipend

Olin certifies each course, and the VA calculates your book stipend as your % eligibility:

* $41.67 per credit hour * # of credits certified for benefits.

$41.67 per credit hour derived from $1,000 annual book stipend / 24 credits.