SMP Summer Program Opportunity

  • Summer Practicum (MGT 501V) – Complete the survey to register for MGT 501V Applied Problem Solving for Organizations! This is your only opportunity to enroll in this course!
  • Review slides from last year’s (2021) Info Session here.

BSBA (rising Juniors only) Summer Program Opportunity

  • Information Session for BSBA Summer Program Recording (from April 6, 2021): here
  • Review slides from last year’s (2021) Info Session here.
  • For questions, contact


  • Does is matter where I’m located over the summer/Can I still participate if I’m not in the United States?
    • You can absolutely participate wherever you are in the world during the summer. That is one benefit of being virtual! We will ask that information on the registration form only for logistical reasons.
  • How do I get registered?
    • You only need to complete the registration form and the CEL will register you.
  • Is completing the registration form a binding agreement for participation?
    • We will still follow the same guidelines for dropping a course; you will need to be in contact with the CEL if you do not intend to participate after completing the registration form.
  • Can you do both the CEL and Riipen and/or a internship over the summer?
    • We encourage students to explore all opportunities that are available to them, and you are welcome to do more than one as long as you can manage your time and workload to be a contributing member of your team. This is a graded course for credit.
  • How long do CEL projects last?
    • The SMP course has the option of a Mini A and Mini B, which are each 7 weeks. The final week of each mini session is used for final presentations. The BSBA course runs for 6 weeks, although it is somewhat dependent on final presentations and the client availability.
  • What is the deadline for registration?
    • March 11 for 501V and March 30 for 401V