Does everyone who registers get enrolled into the CEL program/course? 

Many programs are application based and there are different levels of competitiveness.  See the “Programs” tab for more information on each program.

Do CEL programs run every semester?   

Yes, CEL programs run every semester and generally have different clients (although some clients repeat). The Taylor Community Consulting Program also runs in the summer.

How do we know which CEL program to take? 

Look at sector you are interested in (nonprofit, business, start-up) as well as the area of focus for each program. Typically, we expect a 10-15 hours per week commitment as these projects are client focused and require extra time and attention. 

Can students participate in more than one CEL program in a semester?

We recommend students participate in one CEL program engagement at a time.  If students are interested in applying for more than one program in a semester, they should talk with the program managers from each program prior to committing. You are encouraged to apply each semester for any opportunities you are interested in; there is no limit to times you can engage.

Can I drop a CEL program/course? 

Every effort should be made to commit to the course you are accepted into. We encourage you to meet with a CEL staff member or CEL Student Fellow to explore options for the best fit ahead of time.  Once you have been assigned to a team, it’s difficult to drop as teams are designed to around skill sets to complement each other for the specific project and your team needs you!  In addition, especially for competitive programs, if you drop you have taken a spot where another student could have been involved.  

What are the fees for the CEL programs?  

ALL CEL programs are academic course offerings and are credit and tuition based. 

Are CEL programs open to first year Graduate students?

First semester graduate students are eligible to participate in our programs, but it is not recommended. We prefer students take one semester of classes at WashU prior to participation.