Move business forward.  Comprehensive Strategic Engagement.
The CEL Practicum engages students in real-world, team-based consulting projects. Through a semester-long experience, students apply and enhance their critical thinking skills through work with business leaders in organizations ranging from startups to NGOs to Fortune 500s. 

**Open to All Graduate Students (except first semester students), and 3rd/4th-year Undergraduates.**

Course Numbers: (The CEL will enroll you if selected to participate)
B63.MGT.501P.01 (graduate sprint) | B63.MGT.501P.02 (graduate full semester) B53.MGT.401P.01 (undergraduate sprint) | B53.MGT.401P.02 (undergraduate full semester)

“The CEL Practicum Program allowed me to work with a team of talented peers to solve a complex and multifaceted problem for a real world client. The experience truly helped me become a better professional and learn about general consulting frameworks and techniques that I would have not learned in the classroom. I am really grateful for the experience!”

Antonio Rivera-Martinez, MBA 2022, Spring 2021 student participant

This experience allowed me to apply classroom learnings to solve a real business problem, all while leading a team of individuals with diverse backgrounds. Not only was I able to build on what I learned in the classroom, but I was also able to build new leadership and management skills that I will take with me throughout my career journey.” 

Chris Jefferies, MBA 2022, Spring 2021 Team Lead & ’21-22 CEL Scholar

“I worked with 3 clients in very different industries, the restaurant industry, private equity, and pet care. Through these projects I grew as leader and team builder and also strengthened my client relationship skills. I enjoyed the encouragement for creativity both from the CEL and client. This is the place to take risks and push ourselves to think out of the box and I felt that I could truly push the limits on our recommendations. I hope to stay connected with CEL following my graduation. Every student should be involved with the CEL in some way.”

Susie Bonwich, MBA 2021, Spring 2021 Team Lead & CEL Impact Award Recipient

“As a student, a project advisor, and now as a client, I can say the CEL Practicum is the single best tool Olin has to ready it’s students for real world business problems.” 

Micah Northcutt, Hoffmann Brothers, Spring and Fall 2021 client

The Fall 2022 Application will be open for 1 week; May 4-May 11 (closes at Midnight CT)

Upcoming Timeline for Fall 2022 Application/Selection/Client Ranking
  • Application open: Wednesday, May 4th
  • Application closes: Wednesday, May 11th (midnight CT)
  • Section decision release May 25th

If selected, and accept, you will be enrolled at that time into CEL Practicum for Fall 2022
Accepted student timeline

  • Early August: Accepted students will receive the opportunity to rank client projects
  • Mid August: Teams are formed
  • Late August: Students will receive pre-work for the course that will be necessary for the beginning of Team Work
  • First week of classes: Anticipate a 4 hour kickoff
  • First 3 weeks of the course there will be organized class time (1.5 hour class sessions)
  • All other work is with your teams, your faculty advisor, and working to deliver value for the client.
  • The Fall 2022 Application will be open for 1 week; May 4-May 11 (closes at Midnight CT)
  • To adapt to the global immersion travel in Fall 2022, there will be a sprint version (7 weeks, 3 credits, open to both graduate and undergraduate) and a full semester version that will operate as usual. Please anticipate the work load to be in excess of 100 hours for both versions.
  • For questions, contact Amy Soell (