Institute for Informatics and Division of Biostatistics Services

Please review the Informatics-Biostatistics Service Intake page for a process overview, as well as an outline of services available, including requests for data, special projects, data management, consultations and analysis.

The Institute for Informatics (I2) and the Division of Biostatistics is a combined service with a single intake form.

Becker Medical Library Services

Research Analytics

Becker Library staff assists faculty, investigators and students in navigating the complex and ever-changing research publishing landscape. Customized presentations and one-on-one consultations are available upon request.

Grant Application and Compliance

Becker Library can help you with specific areas of your grant applications and also provide you with helpful content. Presentations or guest lectures on these topics are available upon request.

Systematic Reviews

As national leaders in systematic review support, Becker Library provides a robust Systematic Review Service to the Washington University Medical Center community. Becker Librarians also offer a Designing Search Strategies for Systematic Reviews course to instruct other library and information professionals in effective methods and best practices.

Clinical Rounding

Clinical librarians from Becker Library can accompany clinicians on rounds at Barnes-Jewish Hospital or St. Louis Children’s Hospital. Rounding librarians add a valuable academic dimension to your multidisciplinary team.

Health Literacy and Communication

Becker Medical Library offers a variety of services and resources to assist clinicians, investigators and students with making written materials easier to understand and to address the impact of literacy, culture and language in the health care setting.

Research Computing

Becker Library offers free training to the Washington University Medical Center community on a variety of research computing topics, including Computing 101, MATLAB, Python and R.

Data Management and Sharing

Becker Library has partnered with the Institute for Informatics to provide data management and sharing educational offerings and support services to the Washington University Medical Center community.

Resource Management

Becker Library welcomes recommendations for additions to its collection. A member of the collection management staff will evaluate your request.

Search and Reference

Becker librarians are highly skilled information finders who are happy to assist with search and reference questions big and small. They can assist with searching the literature, citation management and much more.